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  • MATERIAL Bridge: drop forged high tensile steel SAE 1045
    U-bolt: SAE 1015
    STANDARD EN 13411-5 Type B
    Formally US Fed Spec FF-C-450D
    FINISH Hot dipped galvanised
    U-bolt and/or nuts for diameter bow 5, 6, 8 and 10 are electro galvanised
    CERTIFICATION Upon request; 2.1
    [wpdm_package id='7434']
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  • MATERIAL Bridge: malleable steel
    U-bolt: malleable steel
    STANDARD EN 13411-5 Type A
    Formally DIN 1142
    FINISH Electro galvanised
    CERTIFICATION Upon request; 2.1
    [wpdm_package id='7433']
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  • MATERIAL Bridge: casted
    U-bolt: mild steel
    STANDARD Formally DIN 741
    FINISH Electro galvanised
    CERTIFICATION Upon request; 2.1
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  • MATERIAL Body – zinc alloy
    Locking wedge – stainless steel
    Spring – stainless steel
    MBL 5 x WLL
    NOTE There are many types of specifications of wire rope, each having different strengths and characteristics. The lockable wire rope grip was designed to take this into account and to be stronger than the rope. Each lockable wire rope grip clearly states the minimum breaking load and a working load limit at 1/5 of the MBL for complete safety. After assembly the lockable gripple simply works by tightening the ingenious locking screws to prevent any movement of the wedges and firmly secures the wire rope in place.
    [wpdm_package id='6888']
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  • The gripple tensioning tool is required to release the gripple after assembly, this is only available for sizes 3mm to 6mm. The gripple tensioning tool can can also be used to generate up to 300kg of load, ideal for tensioning after the initial installation or carrying out repairs and maintenance.

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